Monday, May 23, 2011

Multiple Things

So, I will just make this blog entry a list.

1. Never sleep in your contacts, my eye is burning severely from being scratched and I have to wait until tomorrow to see a doctor. Hopefully there will be no eye infections.

2. The tornadoes worry me. My church is collecting clothing and things for victims of the tornado, and here's hoping that (since we are in the red zone) that we do not have on here tonight.

3. I am about to probably order two pairs of bloomers, just have to defeat this feeling of guilt over spending money on them. I'm going to try to donate worth far more than I spend to try to make it more fair.

4. I am getting my wisdom teeth removed in two days. Can anyone say "Green Tea Icecream"? :3  <3

5. I should only deep condition my hair each time after I wash it, it's already splitting again...

6. I want to start a Beauty blog and perhaps a random song, music video, and picture blog.

7. I am once again going to push the limits of human capacity by lacking greatly in sleep. 

Good night everyone! ~<3

Sleep is for the weak.


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